Cultural Directory of Slovakia - Municipal Government

Situated in the Turiec Basin, just south of the confluence of the Turiec and Váh Rivers in northern Slovakia, Martin lies at an altitude of 395 metres above sea level. It is 30 kilometres south east of Žilina, 60 kilometres north west of Banská Bystrica, and 230 kilometres north east of Bratislava.
Partizánske town (48ْ۫ 37´ northern latitude, 18ْ 20´ eastern longitude), covers an area where the Nitra loessial downs, Tríbeč mountains and the southern spur of Strážov highlands meet, where the Nitra and Nitrica rivers flow together. It represents the gateway to the Horné Ponitrie (Upper Nitra valley).
One of the youngest towns in Slovakia (2001), Šaštín-Stráže is situated on the Myjava River in Senica District, Trnava Region, western Slovakia, around 18 kilometres from Senica and 65 kilometres from Bratislava.