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Part of the National Cinematographic Centre, the Audiovisual Information Centre leads on Slovak participation in Eurimages and the European Audiovisual Observatory and makes use of advantages concerning Slovak participation, contacts foreign institutions and provides relevant information relating to the Slovak cinematographic and audiovisual sector, collects, processes and distributes information coming to Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic of the Slovak Republic and Slovak Film Institute
The Information Centre PROSPERO was founded by the Theatre Institute in Bratislava in 2003 for the professional and generic public, and is the only one of its kind in Slovakia In a pleasant environment, visitors can read magazines or buy professional literature, including Slovak and foreign plays and magazines on theatre from several Slovak and Czech publishing houses. At the same time they can view video screenings of plays, profiles of artists, etc., and listen to selected historic recordings from the phonotheque.
The Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information is a national information centre and specialised scientific public library with a focus on selected areas of the natural and economic sciences and the humanities.
The International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC) is a worldwide network of organisations that document and promote the music of our time.IAMIC currently supports the work of 43 member organisations in 38 countries (2006). Each of these 'Music Information Centres' promotes and documents the music of its own country of region over a variety of musical genres including contemporary classical music, world music, jazz and popular.
Information Centre of Banská Bystrica was established as the Cultural and Information Centre /KIS/ as soon as in 1985, as a department by the Culture and Entertainment Park- a municipal allowance organisation. They have provided the services of a tourist information office since 1992. It is a founding member of the Association of Information Centres of Slovakia (AICES) with the headquarters in Liptovský Mikuláš and a member of Bystriciensis - the association for tourism located in Banská Bystrica.The activities of the Information Centre include:
Košice City Information Centre is a municipal centre which provides information about tourism attractions, cultural and sporting activities and local business and local government services. It administers the sale and advance sale of admission tickets and the booking of accommodation and tours, runs an Internet club and sells maps, books, souvenirs, videotapes, dictionaries, globes, flags, gifts, Modra ceramics, paintings and bobbin laces.
Moldava nad Bodvou Information Centre offers a range of free and chargeable tourism services for city residents and visitors. It provides advance sale of tickets, books tours, accommodation and other goods and services and enables visitors to print information or send a fax.
The primary objective of Levice Information Agency is the provision ofinformation for both local residents and tourists. It provides information about local culture, history and tourism as well as details of business operators in the region. It also sells information and promotional materials such as books, souvenirs and postcards and provides various services such as copying, telephone, fax and Internet use.
Managed on behalf of the city government by C K Cruiser Ltd, Prešov City Information Centre provides information to visitors and locals on tourism, cultural, sporting and other attractions in Prešov, books accommodation, organises guided tours and sells maps, souvenirs, cards and publications about Prešov in particular and Slovakia in general. Additional services include advance ticket sales for cultural events and advertising, copy and fax services.
Tatras Information Centre, Starý Smokovec provides information on what’s on, what to see and where to stay, offers an accommodation and tour booking service and sells maps, books and a range of souvenirs.
Tatras Information Centre, Tatranská Lomnica provides information on what’s on, what to see and where to stay, sells tickets for many major events, offers an accommodation and tour booking service and sells maps, books and a range of souvenirs. Also offers possibilities of accomodation, insurance and trip booking.
Piešťany Information Centre provides a comprehensive information system; it provides information about traffic connections arranges accommodation, organises the sale of promotion and advertising materials, tourist maps and souvenirs, as well as the tickets for selected events. In addition, it offers the Internet service.
IVCO Information Centre Piešťany provides information on what’s on, what to see and where to stay, sells tickets for many major events, offers an accommodation, tour booking service and sells maps, books and a range of souvenirs and also offers a "rent a bike" service.
Trnava Information Service (TINS) provides information about historical sights and institutions, cultural and sporting activities in Trnava to visitors and local people, offers accommodation and tour guiding services, administers advance sale of tickets to various events, arranges visits to the town viewing tower outside the summer season, sells souvenirs and publications and creates proposals for new souvenir designs.
Trenčín Culture and Information Centre provides information about socio-cultural and sporting events, cultural monuments and personalities of the region, tourist attractions, accommodation and catering establishments, offers tourist maps, postcards, book publications and souvenirs for sale, and manages the municipal tower, which is open to the public from 1 June to 31 September daily except on Monday from 10am until 8pm.
Jasenská dolina (JASED) Information Centre, Belá-Dulice offers a comprehensive tourist information service in the Jasenská Dolina ski and recreational resort and (in association with Veľká Fatra Tourist Association) in the Veľká Fatra microregion, pursuing marketing activities related to its field of activity.
Liptovský Mikuláš Information Centre provides information to both tourists and local citizens about natural beauty spots, cultural and social facilities, cultural and sporting events and organised sporting activities, residential programmes, accommodation and catering establishments in the region, providing an overview of service providers, institutions and companies in the town and details of transport connection.
Information Centre and Travel Agency in Trstená falls under the organizational department of the town of Trstená. Its major activity is to inform tourists and visitors of the town about various activity possibilities in Orava region and the town of Trstená.
CK Selinan, s. r. o., Žilina provides information on what’s on, what to see and where to stay, sells tickets for many major events, offers an accommodation and tour booking service and sells maps, books and a range of souvenirs.
The Information and Foreign Relations Directorate of Žilina Regional Government is responsible for: (i) participating in the preparation and formation of inter-regional co-operation agreements, ensuring the implementation of signed co-operation agreements and co-ordinating all activities among the stakeholders; (ii) being conceptually involved in the activities related to a comprehensive regional development at the level of the higher territorial unit; (iii) organising and ensuring negotiations among the representatives of the region and the representatives of state bodies, organisations,
At the beginning of the 90s of the last century, new conditions in the society called for the need to establish an independent information agency which would provide access to information and advice on studying abroad to the general public, and would create an open and transparent application procedure for scholarships offered at the time of political change to Slovakia by foreign governments and various non-governmental organisations.SAIA, n. o. major programmes in 2009:ACADEMIC MOBILITY