Cultural Directory of Slovakia - Festival

Established in 2005, the Festival of Contemporary Slovak and World Drama is the only festival of its kind in Slovakia, which focuses on productions of contemporary Slovak and world drama in Slovak theatres. The Festival originated in 2000 when the Theatre Institute launched a competition for playwrights in Slovakia called Dráma.
The European Festivals Association (EFA) is the major professional organisation of European festivals for the performing arts (music, theatre, dance).
The Bystrica Puppeteers' Festival is an international festival which aims mainly to present contemporary forms of puppet theatre, including different puppetry techniques (mask theatre, natural object puppet theatre, shadow puppet theatre, etc) in Slovakia, the V4 and other countries, comparing the actual level of puppet theatre production of domestic and foreign companies (stage productions of the two recent years) and contributing to the development of this theatre genre.
The Central European Music Festival is an international classical music festival which has been held annually since 1991 in Žilina. It is a showcase of leading talents in classical interpretive art from Slovakia and other European countries, mostly the Central European region. It provides room for sharing cultural values and confronting the interpretive skills of prominent young artists from Europe.
The Áčko Students' Film Festival is an open competitive festival of school audiovisual works created as part of university study in the field of film art and multimedia or related fields at a university based in the Slovak Republic. It is also open to school audiovisual works created at higher education institutions abroad.
The Children’s Folk Music Festival is a national competitive festival of children’s ensembles and soloists, which features interpreters of musical folklore such as children’s folk music bodies, singers groups, soloist singers and instrumentalists. The festival’s mission is to encourage and develop a love of folklore in children and to spur their interest in pursuing activity in this direction, facilitating the presentation of the results of this work to the public and confronting them with results of others. Equally the festival seeks to identify new musicians and singing talents.
Nu Dance Fest is an international festival of contemporary dance and movement theater. The goal of this contemporary dance and movement theater festival is to give room to confrontation of domestic and foreign production. Aiming to draw dance art lovers near new developments in contemporary dance and movement theater it offers inter-genre performances and conceptually interesting objects.
The Košice Music Spring Festival was established in 1956 and is one of the oldest music festivals in Slovakia. From very modest early days the Košice Music Spring has grown into an international cultural event that is the peak of every year's concert season in Košice.
The annual International Music Festival SPACE presents the music of the 20th century, including contemporary music.
CentEast is a network of key feature film festivals in Central and Eastern Europe, which includes one festival per country.The purpose of CentEast is to promote European cinema, with special attention paid to the cinema from Central and Eastern Europe, helping films from the region to find a place on the international market, and encouraging collaboration between member festivals.
This annual festival of Ruthenian-Ukrainian citizens living in Slovakia presents their folklore and folk tradition
Held every year in mid-June, this festival celebrates the lives and diversity of cultural expression of Ruthenian and Ukrainian people living in Slovakia. The festivities are a source of the unlimited cultural wealth passed on from previous generations.
The idea to establish a festival in Košice, which would introduce contemporary music to visitors within one comprehensive series of concerts, was born in 2000. The initiators of this event were professors of music-theoretical department and former students of composition of Košice conservatory.
First staged in 1955, this annual Summer festival of music features concerts, workshops and other activities held both indoors and outdoors in and around Piešťany.