Cultural Directory of Slovakia - Centre

The National Centre of Culture is a national cultural establishment, top-level state institution for non-professional culture and public education delivered in local and regional conditions but also nationally.
The Czech Centre is an apolitical and non-profit organisation established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.
The National Cinematographic Centre of the SFÚ is responsible for the promotion of Slovak cinematography in Slovakia and abroad, for collecting and providing complex information and services related to Slovak cinematography, and for publishing general and professional film literature (journals, promotion materials, books, DVDs). It incorporates the following:
The ÚĽUV Regional Craft Centre, Banská Bystrica is a regional contact centre for consultancy, exhibitions and education in the field of folk art and crafts. It has an established group of regional artistic advisers and crafts lecturers and operates a small exhibition hall in the centre of Banská Bystrica and runs the School of Crafts ÚĽUV Banská Bystrica, which offers specialised courses and workshops teaching various craft techniques to the general public.
The ÚĽUV Regional Craft Centre, Bratislava is a regional contact centre for consultancy, exhibitions and education in the field of folk art and crafts. The centre has an established group of artistic advisers, crafts lecturers and acts independently in the promotion and education of artisans around the region. In addition, the centre manages the ÚĽUV Craft School Bratislava and the ÚĽUV Design Studio.
During the period 1929-1992 there was a Czechoslovak Centre of UNIMA, but following the rise of an independent Slovak Republic in 1993 a separate Slovak Centre of UNIMA was established. Since 1996 it has operated as a legal entity, administered by an elected Board. Its Chairperson is currently Ida Hledíková-Polívková, a member of the UNIMA European Commission.
The Slovak PEN Centre finds its origins in Czechoslovak PEN, which was established in Prague in 1925, with Karel Čapek as its first President. The Slovak Section of Czechoslovak PEN was founded in 1932 in Bratislava.
ENCATC is the European network of institutions and professionals involved in training and education in the broad field of cultural management. Founded in 1992 in Poland, this independent and unique network gathers 127 members (85 full members, 39 associate members and three individual members) and operates through 38 countries.
National Centre of Culture - Piešťany Arts Centre is a modern and imposing architectonic gem (design author - architect Ferdinand Milučký) on the bank of one of the most important rivers in Slovakia-the River Váh, in the middle of a large park; and it is a centre of cultural and social life in Piešťany and wide region.
The Centre of Traditional Culture in Myjava is a regional government centre which is responsible for organising a variety of different cultural events in support of traditional Slovak culture.
The Regional Culture Centre in Žilina is a cultural facility whose founder is Žilina Regional Government. The main task of the Regional Culture Centre in Žilina is to create conditions for development of local culture, interest and artistic activity, preservation of traditions and provision of cultural and educational activities for wide range of citizens within the territorial administration of Žilina region.
The Russian Centre of Science and Culture Bratislava is part of Rusintercenter (Roszarubezhtsentr), an independent agency operational within the structure of the Russian Foreign Ministry which promotes international co-operation in science, culture and education. Today Rusintercenter has a network of 43 Russian cultural centres operating in 65 countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
The Methodological and Pedagogical Centre in Prešov (MPC) is a centrally administered organisation of Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic. Its task is to carry out methodological activities as well as further education of pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff.