National Centre of Culture

Národné osvetové centrum
Contact: Dr Ján Tazberík Director
Website: Eva Urbanovská (f) Deputy
Námestie SNP 12, 812 34 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 2 2047 1264, 421 (0) 31 770 4051
421 (0) 2 5292 2875

The National Centre of Culture is a national cultural establishment, top-level state institution for non-professional culture and public education delivered in local and regional conditions but also nationally. The organisation offers special counselling and methodological guidance; draws up systemic concepts; initiates and submits national programmes in public education activities; develops projects, analyses, information and statistical reports; co-participates in competitions and exhibitions and major national cultural events; acts as expert guarantor for national competitions in leisure-time interest-oriented artistic activities; documents, preserves and uses traditional folk culture for public education (with account taken of specific features of minority cultures); designs and implements interest and leisure-time education in culture for the staff and volunteers of state administration, self-government, third and private sectors; undertakes documentation and editorial activity and database creation; conducts sociological research and research into the economy of culture, as well as research activities in response to topical social demand; and prepares and implements projects following out of cultural agreements with other states, bilateral projects, V4 and EU projects, etc.