Australia has the most extreme climate variations of any continent on earth.
TYPHLOPIDAE (Mekura-Hebi) The family of the blind snakes. COLUBRIDAE (Nami-Hebi) The family of the popular snakes.
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whale dreams About whales and whale spotting in Australia - including an interactive map to log your own sightings jewels of the sea
The name "toxicology" comes from the Greek word toxicon meaning "poison". Toxicology is the science of poisons and poisonings. It focuses on general toxic effects; toxic doses; poison action; clinical symptoms and organ damages; methods of extracting and proving of poisonous substances; therapy and prophylaxis.
Cobras, mambas, kraits, coral snakes and sea snakes are elapids. They are all venomous snakes and can be found in warmer parts of the world, except Europe and Madagascar.
This section of web site contains valuable information on poisonous plants. A wide range of species are described and classified according to their habitat and biological origin.
The history of mankind’s use of herbs dates back to the earliest records in existence, and until recently it was the knowledge of the properties of herbs which made or kept people healthy, freshened their homes and made their meals more palatable and interesting.
. . . With an Emphasis on Beach and Ocean Safety ~ . . . Mai Huli `Oe I Kokua O Ke Kai! ~ . . . Respect the Ocean!    
Melbourne Zoo has the only dedicated amphibian exhibit in Australia which is next door to the Reptile House. Visitors are led via a timber board-walk, past ponds and a wetland habitat, to a series of eight realistically landscaped displays.
Let's meet the plants and animals of the northern Okinawa forests. Beginning with rare species, here are the flora and fauna of Yanbaru (northern Okinawa) photographs by Masakazu Kudaka, Photographer"My base is Hentona in Kunigami Village in the heart of Okinawa's north country. A great variety of animals and plants live harmoniously in the balanced environment of the northern forest. May that precious environment never be destroyed."
All animals that have hooves are placed in a single order that is called the Ungulates. This is a Greek word, which means 'with hooves'. The Ungulates is a large order, and contains over 200 different species of hoofed animal. There are two main types of Ungulate.
       Some of the poisonous snakes that can be found on and around Okinawa. VIPERIDAE(Kusari-Hebi) The family of poisonous snakes.