How Mice Can Help Treat Crohn's Disease

News of a new clinical trial
By A Member Of The Natalizumab Investigating Team

The humble mouse is now playing an important and direct role in the treatment of Crohn's disease. How, you might ask?

High level platforms

Herein this guide we talk a bit about the sexual politics behind shoes. We consider Freud and the ugly historic process of foot-binding and why women damage their feet willingly. And THEN we discuss and admire all the cool shoes we can get our hands on, from Mary Janes to Wedgies, Rocking Horse Boots, Ballet Boots and Hoof Shoes... Tally ho!

Okinawa’s potent habu sake packs healthy punch, poisonous snake

Freaked out by the worm floating in that bottle of mescal tequila? Then you’re probably too squeamish for the snake coiled up in a bottle of Okinawa awamori.

Y chromosome losing all genes, but men won't become extinct

Men fear not.

For many years, the Y chromosome, carried only by men, has been losing genes and shrinking. Some say it will disappear altogether, but it turns out the chromosome is surprisingly resilient. In fact, even if it does go the way of the dodo in the distant future, it seems that the male sex will still survive.

The UK Postcode System


To many foreign mailers, the UK postcode system is incomprehensible. Since they don't understand it, many of them don't use it, and thus cost themselves £millions in lost revenue and wasted postage. No other country has such a complex postcode system as the United Kingdom.

Brazilian samba music culture

Brazilian samba music culture

Samba music is very heterogeneous and it's intricate to define. It is the outcome of a long simmering mix of separate tradition from the Portuguese songs, African rhythms, and the fast paced Indian ceremony approaching worldwide influences. In the start it was played only with drums and other bass beat instruments, but later the acoustic guitar and the small Brazilian guitar cavaquinho was added.

What Is Responsive Website/Web Design?

Responsive web design is a new web development technique that enables developers to create a website that resizes itself or responses to the size of the device whether it is a smartphone

Princess Isabella Elopes

Princess Isabella of Castile was sixteen years old in 1467. She was a bookish, mild-mannered girl, calm and thoughtful. She lost her composure, however, when her half-brother, King Henry IV of Castile, commanded her to marry a middle-aged baron called the Master of Calatrava.

Sitting Bull Predicts Victory for the Indians

by Richard Sheppard

Early in June, 1876, Chief Sitting Bull of the Hunkpapa Sioux climbed a hill in southeastern Montana. When he reached the hilltop, he lit his sacred pipe and said a prayer. His people were facing a big war with the United States Army, so Sitting Bull needed guidance from Wakan Tanka, the Great Mysterious.

"Give me a vision," he prayed, "and in return I will offer up a sacrifice of my own blood."


Panjabi is the most commonly spoken language in Punjab and is the mother-tongue of the vast majority of its people.
Old Campus, University of Punjab Lahore (West Punjab)