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Panjabi is the most commonly spoken language in Punjab and is the mother-tongue of the vast majority of its people.
Old Campus, University of Punjab Lahore (West Punjab)

Philippines Spanish

The Philippines were incorporated to the Spanish crown in 1571. The capital, Manila was founded by López de Legazpi. Spanish achieved rather less success in this Asian country than in the Americas. This appears to be due to a varied number of factors, mainly the low number of Spanish settlers in the islands.

Mexican Spanish

Historically, the evolution of Mexican Spanish coincides in great part with the development of Peruvian Spanish. Mexico City was for centuries the hub of one of the great viceroyalties of colonial America.

Caribbean Spanish

In the Caribbean and coastal areas of Latin America, and in some cases in southern Spain, Spanish is used differently. The Caribbean dialect zone covers island territories of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, as well as the coastal areas of Venezuela, northern Colombia and eastern Panama.

Andean Spanish

Andean Spanish has been used in Latin American to refer to the cross-national Spanish variety spoken in the Andes Mountains of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

In the colonial era, the Andean region was part of the Viceroyalty of Peru and so was administered from Lima on the Pacific coast. Potosí, Quito or Cuzco were important cities at that time.

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