Nervous System
Health Information for Overseas Travel was first issued in 1995 as a companion volume to the well established UK Health Departments' memorandum Immunisation against Infectious Disease (the 'Green Book').
From the archaeological point of view, the D47 motorway is a very special event. The 80.2 km long route from Lipník nad Bečvou to the Polish border near the village of Věřňovice presents a significant intervention into the current landscape.
Shakespeare and his Contemporaries: Performance and Adaptation List of Abstracts Please click on a title to view the abstract in full.
Extra skin
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Narrative on arthropods and annelid worms of old-growth and late successional conifer forests, mature riparian woods, and of coarse woody debris associated arthropods within the range of the northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis caurina)
The boreal toad has been around longer than dinosaurs! However, along with many other amphibians in the world, they are disappearing at an alarming rate. Why? No one knows yet.
Usually if a mammal doesn't have a Y chromosome in its cell then a male can't be produced; however, the Ryukyu spiny rat doesn't need a Y chromosome to get born. Using gene cloning and mapping technologies
Descover articles and research about dermatology