Archaeology on D 47

From the archaeological point of view, the D47 motorway is a very special event. The 80.2 km long route from Lipník nad Bečvou to the Polish border near the village of Věřňovice presents a significant intervention into the current landscape. It crosses the lowland of Moravian Gateway (Porta Moravica) and the Ostrava basin and follows, to a great extent, the ancient Amber Trail. The construction itself is divided into eight sections (4704, 4705, 4706, 4707, 4708, 4709.1/1, 4709.1/2, and 4709.2) where 145 bridges, 14 fly-overs and one 1080 m long tunnel near Klimkovice will be built. Total costs will exceed the amount of CZK 50 bn.

Inevitably, the construction will cross prehistoric and medieval sites, whereof over 40 have been located so far and it is still not the final number. The aim of the project is to secure timely and expert rescue of local archaeological monuments and thus reduce the impact of the construction thereon.

The Archaeological centre Olomouc which has also prepared this site, has been authorized to coordinate all archaeological activities related to the construction of D47 and is the principal investigator and supervisor. The National Institute for Preservation of Cultural Heritage (NPU) - Regional office Ostrava - Archaeological Section Opava is the additional investigator.

  • Project objectives:
  • to appoint the Standing Expert Committee
  • to map sites with the help of non-destructive methods
  • to assign all required expert reports centrally
  • to establish interdisciplinary cooperation
  • to organize conferences, seminars, etc.
  • to provide information to the public
  • to publish expert evaluations of results
  • to describe a larger background of the construction through the Porta Moravica project

Moravian Gateway with route of motorway D47 from southwest. Click for large map.