Boreal Toad

The boreal toad has been around longer than dinosaurs! However, along with many other amphibians in the world, they are disappearing at an alarming rate. Why? No one knows yet.


Animated image of a boreal toad (Bufo boreas) blinking.

The boreal toad -Bufo boreas - is a federal candidate species and is listed as endangered by the state of Colorado. There has been an 80% decline of these toads in the southern Rocky Mountains.


At this section, we will provide...

A toad can die of light!
Death is the common right
Of toads and men, -- Of earl and midge
The privilege Why swagger then?
The gnats supremacy Is large as thine.
- Emily Dickinson

Basic information, photographs and illustrations of the life history of the boreal toad.


Current research and concerns of USGS (and other) field biologists studying these rugged, high mountain toads.

Some educational and entertaining hot-links to World Wide Web sites on boreal toads as well as other fascinating amphibians.

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