Okinawa’s potent habu sake packs healthy punch, poisonous snake

Freaked out by the worm floating in that bottle of mescal tequila? Then you’re probably too squeamish for the snake coiled up in a bottle of Okinawa awamori.

The Flora and Fauna of Northern Okinawa

Let's meet the plants and animals of the northern Okinawa forests. Beginning with rare species, here are the flora and fauna of Yanbaru (northern Okinawa)

photographs by Masakazu Kudaka, Photographer
"My base is Hentona in Kunigami Village in the heart of Okinawa's north country. A great variety of animals and plants live harmoniously in the balanced environment of the northern forest. May that precious environment never be destroyed."

Poisonous snakes of Okinawa


     Some of the poisonous snakes that can be found on and around Okinawa.

VIPERIDAE(Kusari-Hebi) The family of poisonous snakes.


Okinawa Plants and Okinawa Animals

   The islands of Okinawa are surrounded by coral reefs and mangrove forests, growing in the saltwater marshes where rivers empty into the sea.


A Very Brief History of Okinawa

Because karate (as we know it today) has its most immediate and most formative roots in Okinawa, one must know about the history of Okinawa to understand karate.

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