The Instruments of Samba

The Repinique is the leading drum in a samba "bateria" (band of drummers)...

What is Samba?

Samba is the national music of Brazil. At its core, samba is a highly percussive form of music. There are many sub-categories of samba too, for example the popular Bossa Nova.  It could be said, however, that at its highest level, samba is the heavy-drum based music which is performed by Rio de Janeiro's Samba Schools during Carnival season (Samba Schools have many 'wings', the most important of which is the 'bateria' or drum-corps). In fact, samba music and Carnival are so historically and inextricably linked that one cannot explain samba without reference to Carnival and vice-versa.

Philippines Spanish

The Philippines were incorporated to the Spanish crown in 1571. The capital, Manila was founded by López de Legazpi. Spanish achieved rather less success in this Asian country than in the Americas. This appears to be due to a varied number of factors, mainly the low number of Spanish settlers in the islands.

Mexican Spanish

Historically, the evolution of Mexican Spanish coincides in great part with the development of Peruvian Spanish. Mexico City was for centuries the hub of one of the great viceroyalties of colonial America.

Caribbean Spanish

In the Caribbean and coastal areas of Latin America, and in some cases in southern Spain, Spanish is used differently. The Caribbean dialect zone covers island territories of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, as well as the coastal areas of Venezuela, northern Colombia and eastern Panama.

Andean Spanish

Andean Spanish has been used in Latin American to refer to the cross-national Spanish variety spoken in the Andes Mountains of Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

In the colonial era, the Andean region was part of the Viceroyalty of Peru and so was administered from Lima on the Pacific coast. Potosí, Quito or Cuzco were important cities at that time.

Okinawa Plants and Okinawa Animals

   The islands of Okinawa are surrounded by coral reefs and mangrove forests, growing in the saltwater marshes where rivers empty into the sea.


Things to consider when decorating your baby's room: top tips to plan ahead.

When a new little person is arriving into your life, three important questions spring to mind: where should I put the baby, how much is it going to cost and will it look like me. If it is your first one, the challenge ahead is bigger: there are endless lists of what you "need" on the internet and friends and family also have boundless knowledge and suggestions - regardless of whether they have had a baby or not.
If you are at the stage where you are thinking of preparing a room for your little one here are some simple tips that may help.

Save money on your fuel bills

You may be feeling the pinch at the moment (by pinch we are referring to the economic climate of course, but don't fret, there is always the British summer) and there is never a better time than right now to start saving money. Also with rising fuel costs and shortages of oil, gasoline, natural gas, and electricity all over the front-page news where better to start than in the comfort of your own home on your own energy consumption.

So here are some tips on how to reduce your fuel bills without having to kit your entire family out in woolly jumpers and mittens...


NEW YORK–Is it possible cheesecake may actually help you think because it is high fat?

According to the Franklin Institute, about two-thirds of our brains are composed of fats, but not just any kind. Good food sources for the fat that helps protect communicating neurons in our brains include olive oil, almonds, pecans, macadamias, peanuts, avocados and human milk.

But what about cow milk?