Cultural Directory of Slovakia - Publishing

Ringier Slovakia a s is the largest publishing house in Slovakia, which issues the market-leading NOVÝ ČAS Independent newspaper newspaper in both printed and online formats, a portfolio of popular weekly and monthly general-interest magazines as well as the popular Internet news portal and a range of published book titles. Ringier Slovakia a s is a SKK 1.1 billion-plus (US$ 33 million-plus) company with around 260 employees and apart from its central office in Bratislava another eight regional branch offices throughout Slovakia.
Established in 1994, AB Art Press began by publishing the works of young writers in the 'Start Books' series and the literary and art magazine Hairy Stone. It publishes books for children, fiction, essay collections, art albums and ethnographical books, mainly by Hungarian authors living in Slovakia.
With more than 500 employees, Petit Press publishes printed and online newspapers and provides a range of advertising, marketing and distribution services. It publishes 31 national and regional titles with a weekly run of more than 800,000 copies, including SME Daily. Its online news services which reach more than one million users each month.
Since 1991 the Kalligram Publishing Company has offered the best from Slovak, Central European and world belles lettres, essayistic literature, philosophy and science. Each year it publishes more than 50 books written by reputable authors, including many in the Hungarian language.
NAP Publishing Company publishes newspapers, journals and other periodicals, many in the Hungarian languages.
Located in the centre of the Dunajska Sterda, the Lilium Aurum Publishing house was established in 1991.Lilium Aurum means 'golden lily' in Latin, the lily symbolising light and life - mental power, respect for the law and the ability to perform one's Christian duties.
The Madách-Posonium Publishing Company is a Hungarian-language book and newspaper publishing company engaged in (i) publishing, marketing, despatching, promotional and advertising services; (ii) organising exhibitions and training courses; (iii) purchasing all kinds of goods that do not require a special license with the aim of reselling them; and (iv) book rentals.
Established in 1996, Plectrum is a well-known book publishing house. It publishes current Hungarian novels from Slovakia and Hungary, literature for children and educational and professional publications. Since 2001 it has also published translations from Hungarian into Slovak and from Slovak into Hungarian. Plectrum also releases music media and CD-ROMs. Plectrum issues some 4-7 publications annually. Most of its authors, illustrators and co-workers are members of professional groups. Books are usually acclaimed by critics in Slovakia as well as in Hungary.
KT Publishing Company was established in Komárno, in a city abounding in traditions, and as people like to say it was developed on a green meadow. The opportunity of the establishment of the publishing company of books and magazines was given by the Komárno printing works because in this way they wanted to enrich the history of culture of the town.
The Publishing House of the Slovak Writers’ Society publishes 30 book publications per year, including original Slovak works and translations of works by foreign authors.