Cultural Directory of Slovakia - Award

Awarded every two years by the Slovak Film and Television Academy, the Slnko v Sieti ('Sun in the Net') is the Slovak equivalent of the Oscar in the United States, the Caesar in France, the David in Italy and the Český lev in the Czech Republic ). It takes its name from Štefan Uher's film Slnko v Sieti (1962), the first of the Czechoslovak new wave which gave Slovak cinematography a world dimension.
The National Design Award has been awarded every odd year since 1993 by the Slovak Design Centre and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Slovak Republic.
The Jozef Kroner Awards have been bestowed annually since 2001 by the Jozef Kroner Foundation in conjunction with the National Centre of Culture and the Kysuce Culture Foundation. Since 2006 they have also been presented in co-operation with Enel Slovenské Elektrárne. The awards are presented in two categories: for lasting contribution to the world of theatre (lifelong work) and for the most remarkable achievement in the area of theatre, film, television, radio or the art of dubbing.
Launched in 2004 by the Theatre Institute, the Rázcestie Civic Association and UNIMA Slovakia, the Hašterica Award is bestowed annually at the Bystrica Puppeteers' Festival for creativity in the field of Slovak puppet theatre. The award may be conferred upon an individual or upon a group of creators for a play or play script, original drama text, dramaturgy, or stage direction and management, or for best male/female performance, stage setting, costume design, puppet design, stage music or choreography.
Every year, the various activities of the European Film Academy culminate in the presentation of the European Film Awards. The Awards Ceremony takes place in Berlin every second year. In 2006, after London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona, the European Film Awards travelled to Eastern Europe for the first time, taking place in Warsaw.
The Speaker of the National Council of the Slovak Republic has presented an award since 2007 to outstanding figures that have significantly contributed to the development of artistic languages.
This honorary award is bestowed annually in recognition of a particular major endeavour in the preceding year, for lifelong work or for long-standing contribution to different areas of culture. It is presented by the Minister on the advice of a panel or at his or her own initiative. The Minister can give out maximum 12 awards annually.
The prize is annually awarded by the Visual Arts Fund, the Slovak section of IBBY and BIBIANA, the international house of arts for children, for the excellent work or, respectively, for the excellent lifetime achievement that has significantly contributed to the development of Slovak illustration art for children and youth.
The Marián Váross Award is presented annually by the Association of Fine Arts Theoreticians, Critics and Historians and the Fine Arts Fund to an author (or exceptionally to a team of authors) whose work clearly contributes to the development of art science in Slovakia in the fields of art theory and history. The award is named after Marián Váross (b 7 February 1923 Martin – d 21 November 1988 Bratislava), an outstanding Slovak art theoretician and historian. Nominations are made by members of the Association.
This award represents a prestigious recognition of outstanding lifelong work in the world of architecture – creative or pedagogic, scientific and research. It is given to an author or a team of authors for work that is instrumental in raising the standards and prestige of architectural work in Slovakia. It has been awarded since 1964 to mark the memory of major Slovak architect Emil Belluš (b 19 September 1899 Slovenská Ľupča – d 14 December 1979 Bratislava).
Named after Dušan Jurkovič (b 23 August 1868 Turá Lúka – d 21 December 1947 Bratislava), founder of modern Slovak architecture, the Dušan Jurkovič Award has been conferred since 1964 and by the Slovak Architects Association (SAS) since 1991. It is presented to an author or a team of authors for an implemented architectural or urbanistic work that has been instrumental in raising the standards and prestige of architectural or urbanistic work in Slovakia. It is bestowed annually by the Slovak Architects Association and the Fine Arts Fund.
The Martin Kusý Award is presented annually by the Slovak Architects Association (SAS) and the Fine Arts Fund in two categories: for works in the area of scientific research, history, theory and criticism of architecture and for the presentation in professional press; and for the presentation of architecture and architectural work in public national mass media (in press, on television and radio), for remarkable and consistent publicist, popularising, awareness-raising, editorial and journalistic activity, or for an outstanding endeavour implemented in the above areas.
Named after outstanding Slovak architect Jozef Lacko (b 19 January 1917 Zvolen – d 9 September 1978 Bratislava), the Jozef Lacko Award has been presented annually by the Slovak Architects Association (SAS) and the Fine Arts Fund in co-operation with schools with architectural orientation in the Slovak Republic since 1990 for the best undergraduate thesis in the academic year. The award is conferred without regard to the category and field of architecture, urbanism or interior design, or for theoretical thesis.
The Triple Rose Award 2009 was handed out to Peter Holka for his artistically compelling penetration into an authentic world of problems and feelings of children and young people of several generations.
The P O Hviezdoslav Award is conferred annually on a distinguished figure in Slovak studies abroad, for example a foreign translator of original Slovak literature and its promoter. It constitutes the highest award in this field. The P O Hviezdoslav Award has been around since 1972. From 1972-4 it was awarded by the Ministry of Culture, from 1975 by the Writers Association, and since 1989 by the Association of Slovak Writers Organisations (AOSS) and the Slovak Writers Society.
The Ladislav Martoník Award is given for jazz music – major jazz work and interpretation. It was established in 1991 in honour of Slovak jazz musician Ladislav Martoník (b 28 December 1944 Košice – d 22 August 1968 Košice). Its award is decided by the Music Fund's Council on the nomination of the Slovak Jazz Society.
The Karol Pádivý Award is conferred annually for the development of brass band music to individuals and groups. It was established in 1991 in honour of brass band music composer and conductor Karol Pádivý (b 10 September 1908 Dolní Cerekev – d 25 September 1965 Trenčín). Its award is decided by the Music Fund's Council on the nomination of the Association Brass Bands of Slovakia.
The Pavol Tonkovič Award is presented for an original act and contribution in the area of music folklore to individuals and groups. It was established in 1991 to commemorate conductor, composer, and folklorist Pavol Tonkovič (b 13 January 1907 Podkonice – d 22 May 1980 Bratislava). The award is decided by the Musical Fund's Council at the nomination of the Music Folklore Association.
The Jozef Kresánek Award for musicological, publicist and critical creation was established in 1991 to commemorate musicologist and composer Jozef Kresánek (b 20 December 1913 Čičmany – d 14 March 1986 Bratislava).
The Frico Kafenda Award is conferred annually to individuals and organisations for excellent interpretive performance in the area of concert art. It was established in 1964 to commemorate Slovak composer, conductor, pianist and pedagogue Frico Kafenda (b 2 October 1883 Mošovce – d 3 September 1963 Bratislava).
The Jan Levoslav Bella Award is conferred annually for a work of music or creation which has enriched Slovak music. The award was launched in 1963 in honour of Jan Levoslav Bella (b 4 September 1843 Liptovský Sv Mikuláš – d 25 May 1936 Bratislava), one of the first Slovak composers and the author of the first Slovak opera Kováč Wieland (Blacksmith Wieland).
The SOZA Awards give public recognition for the distinguished contribution of authors of music works which have been particularly successful in the music life of Slovakia.
The Zentiva Award aims to encourage creativity amongst young filmmakers and to allow them to work in the audiovisual sphere.
The Camera Award is given annually to Slovak cinematographers for outstanding directorial achievement and visual effects in the following major categories: feature film, television movie, documentary film, advertising and life's work.
The Creative Act of the Year Award is the top-level recognition for amateur theatre-makers in Slovakia. It is presented at the Scenic Harvest festival in Martine, the leading festival in the area of non-professional theatre in Slovakia which features winners of national shows of all genres and categories of amateur theatre of the season. The award has been given out since 1976. The best amateur theatre companies are among the award recipients.
Launched in 1996, the Oskár Čepan Award is a competition of young talents in fine arts. Since 2001 it has been named in honour of distinguished Slovak art and literary theoretician, historian, critic, essayist, editor and painter Oskár Čepan (b 27 February 1925 Cífer – d 3 September 1992 Bratislava), author of numerous studies on fine arts.
Since 2002 the production company Art Script has been running the screenwriting competition for young authors aged up to 35 years. The project’s author is Silvia Králová-Panáková, and its guarantors are Ondrej Šulaj and Dagmar Ditrichová. The purpose of the competition is to foster the development of original feature-length live-action film screenwriting in Slovakia.
The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic organises the Cultural Monument of the Year Award in co-operation with scientific and professional institutions involved in the heritage preservation field. Proposals are provided by a professional jury.
Works of art eligible for the award need to be published throughout the previous calendar year, in first edition.
An award for translation from a foreign language into the Slovak language is given annually in the following categories: