Cultural Directory of Slovakia - Archives

Matica slovenská Archives is a centre of expertise in the acquisition, registration, preservation and dissemination of archival documents related to the activity of Matica slovenská from its establishment in 1857 up to the present.
The activities of the National Film Archive include special storage, maintenance, preservation and restoration of films and audiovisual material produced in Slovakia, and in accordance with regulations of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF). It also restores a selection of significant films of foreign origin.
The Department of Archival Preservation carries out tasks connected with the complex preservation of archival documents. It is divided into two organisational units. The first one includes laboratories for the conservation and restoration of documents, where, first of all, paper and parchment documents in separate sheets or in a book form, large format documents, such as maps, plans, drawings, seals and contemporary documents are being restored. These activities are closely linked to applied research in the above mentioned field.
The structure of the holdings of the Department of Early Fonds and Collections represents to a certain extent the various stages of the development of the central Slovak archival institution.
The department was founded on 1 July 1993 by the integration of the former departments of history of capitalism and history of socialism. At present, the department has in custody 351 archival fonds of central legislative and governmental bodies from the periods of the First Czechoslovak Republic, the Slovak Republic and the post-war period of Czecho-Slovakia between 1918 and 1968, totalling 23,818 linear shelving metres.
Activities belonging to pre-archival care have been carried out in Archives since its origin. As an independent department, the Department of Pre-Archival Care was established in 1982.The contents of work and competencies of the department are regulated by the relevant sections of the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 395/2002 Coll. on Archives and Registries and the Directive No. 628/2002 Coll. of the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic. Duties carried out by the department concern the following three main spheres:
The Department of Reference Services organises and provides links between the Archives and the public as well as services connected with the use of archival documents for scientific, cultural and administrative purposes. The department provides, in the first place to educational institutions, organised visits to the archives accompanied by professional explanation on archives tasks and it also provides professional tutors to university students of archival studies during their compulsory study stays.
The Science and Research Section (KVV) carries out tasks in the sphere of theoretical and practical study of procedures and problems relating to archival functions.
The State Archives in Banská Bystrica oversees the following branches:
The State Archives in Bratislava oversees the following branches:
The State Archives in Bytča oversees the following branches:
The State Archives in Košice oversees the following branches:
The State Archives in Levoča oversees the following branches:
The Levoča branch of the State Archives in Levoča.
The Stará Ľubovňa branch of the State Archives in Levoča.
The State Archives in Nitra oversees the following branches:
The State Archives in Prešov oversees the following branches:
The Comenius University in Bratislava Archives contain archival documentation relating to the existence of Comenius University and undertakes research into its history.
The Nation's Memory Institute Archives in Bratislava fulfils the tasks arising from the Memory of the Nation Law: it registers, acquires, preserves, processes, makes available, makes public, administers and makes use of the documents of the security authorities of the German Third Reich, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and also documents of the state security authorities, which were created and
The Central Archives were established on 1 January 1963 as a scientific documentary department at SAS. Their function is to provide pre-archival care, to take documentation into their permanent custody, and to process, make available and protect archival materials from the institutions and major scientists of SAS.
The Slovak National Gallery (SNG) Archive is a specialised public archive of fine arts and one of the departments of the Slovak National Gallery (SNG). Within the organisational structure of the SNG it forms a part of the Information Documentation Centre.
The main responsibility of the Literature and Art Archive SNM is to archive and make available collections which are part of the national heritage, including handwritten and photographic documents relating to important figures from the field of Slovak culture, particularly those involved in literature and music.
The Slovak University of Technology Archive is a specialised public archive which holds the archival records of STU plus those of Comenius University, the University of Economics in Bratislava and other 19 major institutional archives in Slovakia.
Founded in 1951 to promote international co-operation and to support the interests of the profession, IAML is a respected member of the international library and music sectors. IAML currently has national branches in 22 countries, five professional branches, four subject commissions and various working groups, and is responsible for several large-scale documentation projects.
Established in 1948, the International Council on Archives (ICA) is a decentralised organisation governed by a General Assembly and administered by an Executive Committee. Its branches provide archivists with a regional forum in all parts of the world (except North America), its sections bring together archivists and archival institutions interested in particular areas of professional interest, and its committees and working groups are engaged in the deployment of experts to solve specific problems.
The International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA) was established in 1969 in Amsterdam to function as a medium for international co-operation between archives that preserve recorded sound and audiovisual documents.
EURBICA operates under the Constitution of the European Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives adopted at its inaugural conference in Florence in 2001. For the time being the presidency of EURBICA is located at the Direction des Archives de France. EURBICA was established to further the aims of ICA and to strengthen co-operation within Europe. EURBICA is responsible for carrying out the policy and programmes of ICA in this region, where these are relevant to EURBICA members.
After more than 60 years of experience in the field of the moving image heritage preservation, FIAF has grown up to become the most important network of leading specialised archive institutions around the world.