Cultural Directory of Slovakia - Slovak Film Institute

The SFU Documentation and Library Services Department is a highly specialised theoretical-research, archive and documentation workplace that acquires, stores, professionally archives, processes and makes available for public use paper, photographic, graphic and fine art materials, including archival and documentary collections and funds relating to Slovak and foreign feature films, documentaries, anim
The SFÚ Archive of materials on Slovak and foreign filmmakers consists of about 11,300 personal profiles, materials on Slovak and Czech feature films and materials on Slovak, Czech and foreign film events and festivals.
The SFÚ Library is the only library for film literature in Slovakia. Its collection consists of 8,700 books and 1,573 screenplays, including Slovak film scripts taken over from Koliba Studios j s c. The library also keeps diploma theses, textbooks, CDs with digitalised funds (30) and about 1,515 volumes of film magazines, Slovak as well as foreign.
The Slovak Film Institute Photoarchive owns:- collections of photographs, negatives, slides, cine films and photo albums from Slovak and foreign feature films, documentaries and animated films, film festivals and events;- portrait photos of Slovak and foreign filmmakers;
The Economic Services Department of SFÚ ensures communication between the Economy Section of the Ministry of Culture and SFÚ.
The Editorial Department of SFÚ (i) issues professional film literature, taking responsibility for comprehensive preparation of all publications, (ii) co-operates in the preparation of DVDs of Slovak films and (iii) is responsible for the professional, technical and substantive level of all SFÚ printouts. A secondary range of activities involves contact with the public and the media.
The SFÚ Foreign Department is in charge of the following promotion activities of the Slovak film abroad: (i) organising festivals and retrospective screenings of Slovak films abroad and arranging the participation of Slovak (feature, documentary and animated) films in festivals abroad; (ii) providing information on festivals and screenings to Slovak production companies and filmmakers; (iii) dealing with correspondence and distribution of documentation and promotion materials on Slovak films to film events; (iv) inviting filmmakers and manages their participation at various events; (v) man
The SFÚ Videotheque administers a collection of Slovak films with SFÚ copyright for rental, mainly to film festivals. Transcription for individuals or organisations is provided according to rental rules. The Department rents Slovak films for public presentation, but the majority of the collection is available only to the expert public, art school students, journalists, filmmakers and teachers for studying purposes.