Slovak Film Institute (SFÚ) Photoarchive, Bratislava

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Fotoarchív Slovenského filmového ústavu (SFÚ), Bratislava
Contact: Michal Maršálek Manažér
Oddelenie Dokumentácie a Knižničných služieb Slovenského filmového ústavu (SFÚ), Grösslingová 32, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 2 5710 1541
421 (0) 2 5296 3461
9am-12am Mon-Tue, 9am-4pm Wed, 2pm-4pm Thu, closed Fri-Sun

SFÚ - logoThe Slovak Film Institute Photoarchive owns:

- collections of photographs, negatives, slides, cine films and photo albums from Slovak and foreign feature films, documentaries and animated films, film festivals and events;

- portrait photos of Slovak and foreign filmmakers;

- collections of postcards;

- collections of photographs in the inherited and personal funds of important Slovak filmmakers.

Like the SFÚ Library, the Photoarchive also provides services primarily to people such as journalists, students and film researchers. It provides scans of photos and promotional pictures for external and internal customers. It offers reprographic services, including copies/scans on CDs or DVDs and information searches from archival materials. In particular, photos and promotional pictures of Slovak, Czech and foreign filmmakers are scanned as well as materials relating to Slovak, Czech and foreign films in Slovak magazines, periodicals and book publications. The scanning of archival materials has particularly been chosen for the protection of the photographic fund. The Photoarchive provides professional information searches and co-operates in the preparation of exhibitions of film photographs at home and abroad, it is responsible for extensive information, consulting and advisory activities for external and internal users and provides scans of photographic materials for the needs of internal and external users.