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Slovenský filmový ústav (SFÚ) - Oddelenie dokumentácie a knižničných služieb
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SFÚ - logoThe SFU Documentation and Library Services Department is a highly specialised theoretical-research, archive and documentation workplace that acquires, stores, professionally archives, processes and makes available for public use paper, photographic, graphic and fine art materials, including archival and documentary collections and funds relating to Slovak and foreign feature films, documentaries, animated films, film festivals and events. The special officers process:

In 2001, in the interest of complex and systemic processing, disclosure and exchange of filmographic information in the international context through global networks, the SFU launched an integrated automated audiovisual system project called SKCINEMA which, through the processing of archival materials, applied unified methods and procedures in accordance with existing international standards and recommendations.

The aim of the project is to manage the collection, processing, storing and global accessibility of archival audiovisual documents and information related to film for professional users. In addition, it concentrates on the presentation of filmographic information in an electronic form. This system connects all types of information used in the work of individual departments of the SFU. The information system for cinematography includes complex information on each film stored in the archives, including filmographic data, references to written sources of work, bibliographic list of articles referring to that movie, links to collections of documents and documentation funds and also multimedia applications such as digitised photographs, posters and video clips from films. Through the processing of all information on national and cinematographic production into the electronic form, the presentation of film cultural heritage as well as international exchange of filmographic information in an electronic environment is achieved. Since 2002 the Documentation and Library Services Department has performed external and internal digitisation of collections – posters, negatives, slides, cine films and photo albums as well as documentary and archival sections from Slovak feature films, documentaries, animated films, film festivals and events, as well as filmmakers.

The Documentation Department stores, processes and makes available to the public accompanying film materials of a paper nature on Slovak and foreign films, filmmakers, film festivals and shows and on everything related to film. It obtains, or more precisely processes from older funds, distribution and production sheets, dialogue and assembly technical papers and press cuttings from contemporary Slovak, Czech and other foreign films distributed in the Slovak Republic. In addition, it processes catalogues and newsletters from various film festivals and events as well as cards from the Filmový Přehled (Film Survey). It prepares complete filmographies of Slovak filmmakers for various film companies, festivals and events. The profiles of some Slovak filmmakers may be supplemented by abundant information and documentation sources such as paper and photographic materials from personal and inherited funds.

The Documentation Department has recently begin to provide consultancy and information services for the professional public. The Documentation and Cataloguing Department of the SFU owns:

- a collection of accompanying paper materials and press cuttings to Slovak feature films, documentaries, newsreels and some animated television films;

- collections of accompanying paper materials and press cuttings on foreign feature films;

- collections of cuttings about individual filmmakers;

- collections of documentary and promotional materials on Slovak and foreign film festivals and events; and

- inherited and personal funds of Slovak filmmakers.