Cultural Directory of Slovakia - Košice

The Culture Directorate is responsible for managing the following on behalf of Košice Self-Governing Region: (i) preservation of the cultural values and cultural heritage of the Slovak Republic through museums; (ii) promotion of the creative and artistic life of the past and present through the work of Spiš Artist’s Gallery and other museums; (iii) preservation and promotion of folk traditions; (iv) development of local culture; (v) development of theatre, with a particular focus on creating the conditions for the development of national minority theatre (Thalia Theatre in Košice, Theatre
The Education Directorate is responsible for the provision of effective learning for children and young people at pre-school, primary and secondary levels, as well as support for young people entering higher and further education and the world of work.
Košice, the metropolis of eastern Slovakia, is situated on the crossroads of ancient trade roads on the Hornád River in the Košická kotlina Valley. The territory has been settled since the Palaeolithic Age. The first written references to settlement date back to the 13th century. The settlement mentioned in 1230 was on the site of the present-day Slovenská street. After the Tartar invasion of 1241 and 1242 German guests settled in its neighbourhood and soon acquired the first privileges.