Cultural Directory of Slovakia - Tourism

The primary objectives of Senec Tourism Administration Office are: (i) modernisation and development of tourism services in the wider territorial area; (ii) provision of both free and chargeable services under authority of the Tourism Administration Statute; and (iii) administration and development of the Senec Sunny Lakes recreational premises.
Terchová Tourism Association provides information on what’s on, what to see and where to stay, sells tickets for many major events, offers an accommodation and tour booking service and sells maps, books and a range of souvenirs.
The agenda of the Tourism and Cultural Heritage Directorate operating within the Office of the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region covers the entire area of tourism development as well as the area of culture, including its protection, development, cultural heritage services, management of cultural activities and cultural institutions. Since 2006 BBSK has followed its own Culture and Cultural Heritage Development Concept, within which it formulates the strategic objectives of the regional development through the optimised network, structure and activity of cultural institutions.
Košice Autonomous Region (KSK) considers tourism to be one of the its industries and this is reflected in the Programme for the Economic and Social Development of Košice Autonomous Region 2007–2013 and the Concept for the Development of Tourism in KSK 2005–2013.The activity of the department of the Tourism Section is based on and implements the policies specified in the Concept for the Development of Tourism 2005–2009 approved by the Council of KSK in 2005.
The Department of Tourism cooperates with public administration, business sphere, tourist offices and agencies, with the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of Slovak Republic ("ZHR"), the Slovak Agency for Tourism ("SACR"), with regional tourism associations, towns, villages and tourism facilities in effort of building up a tourism infrastructure for creating favorable conditions and ensuring the development of tourism in this region.It coordinates cooperation with local authorities, government authorities and other legal and natural persons.
The primary objectives of Trenčín Regional Government for the sustainable development of tourism to 2013 are (i) to protect, increase the value of and promote the natural and cultural heritage of Trenčín Region; (ii) to contribute to an increase in the quality of life and the general culture of the inhabitants of the region and the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of visitors through an improvement in the level of tourism; (iii) to develop tourism in accordance with objectives on social issues and policies on social inclusion and solidarity; (iv) to contribute to the creation of
Trnava Autonomous Region considers tourism to be one of its key industries and this is reflected in the Programme for the Economic and Social Development of Trnava Autonomous Region 2004-2013.The activity of the Tourism and Promotion Directorate is based on the Programme for the Economic and Social Development of Trnava Autonomous Region 2004-2013. The area of tourism and promotion is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy, with a cross-cutting character that interacts with a broad range of industries.
The Tourism Department analyses tourism needs, prepares proposals for tourism development in the Žilina Region and required support and identifies targets for the next period. After they are successfully implemented plans can become a methodical guideline for production of municipal tourism development concepts as well as for planning the strategic goals of entities operating in the tourism industry.
The Tourism and Culture Directorate of Bratislava Regional Government comprises Departments of Tourism and Culture.