Cultural Directory of Slovakia - Art

Originally established in 1966 as the Secondary School of Industrial Arts, this institution originally comprised departments of Surface and Plastic Engraving of Metals and Artistic Blacksmithery and Locksmithery. New departments were subsequently introduced, including Goldsmithery and Silversmithery, Artistic Casting, Design of Machines and Tools and Design of Plastic Products. A Department of Conservation and Restoration was opened in 1980 and a Department of Design of Toys and Decorative Objects in 1989.
Visiting Arts exists to strengthen and enrich international awareness and understanding through arts and cultural exchange. It works with all regions of the UK, with all parts of the world and with a wide range of art forms.
The main objective of the Culture Directorate operating within the Office of the Žilina Self-Governing Region is the improvement of conditions necessary for the development of cultural identity, education, provision of access and creation of cultural values, and secondarily also the improvement of social conditions.
The Insita Triennial is a selective international art exhibition, the only of its kind in the world, designed to present the authentic values of untrained artistic expression – naïve art, art brut and outsiders' art.
The Biennial of Free Visual Arts is a regular Slovak national exhibition of free arts organised by the Slovak Union of Visual Artists and featuring the work of members of the SVÚ and its guests. Its purpose is to support the creation of professional Slovak visual artists involved in free arts and to highlight original contemporary Slovak production.
The Biennial of Applied Arts is a regular Slovak national exhibition of applied visual arts involving work by members of the Slovak Union of Visual Arts (SVÚ) and their guests. The purpose of the project is to draw attention to original Slovak contemporary art creation and to promote the creation of professional Slovak artists devoting to applied arts.
Visual Art Spectrum is a national non-professional visual competition whose mission is to encourage non-professional visual art creation in all genres, in a regional and national context, and to provide opportunities for the assessment of its level in any particular period and for the further education of amateur visual artists by means of its analytical seminar. It covers free visual art disciplines (drawing, painting, graphic art, sculpture, applied arts and works of intermedia nature).
RUD - Crafts, Art, Design magazine has been issued since 2000. It systematically addresses the issues of traditional and contemporary craft, design and applied art. Simultaneously, it offers current profiles of artists, news reports from exhibitions, contributions and information from current happenings in the field of design, crafts and folk art production. It is published as a quarterly magazine with 56 pages, including an English summary, and is intended for professional artists and craftsmen, fine arts students as well as for the general public.