School of Applied Arts, Kremnica

Škola úžitkového výtvarníctva v Kremnica
Contact: Anna Špičková (f) Director
P Križku 390/4, 967 01 Kremnica, Slovakia
421 (0) 45 674 3424, 421 (0) 45 674 3567
421 (0) 45 674 3424

Originally established in 1966 as the Secondary School of Industrial Arts, this institution originally comprised departments of Surface and Plastic Engraving of Metals and Artistic Blacksmithery and Locksmithery. New departments were subsequently introduced, including Goldsmithery and Silversmithery, Artistic Casting, Design of Machines and Tools and Design of Plastic Products. A Department of Conservation and Restoration was opened in 1980 and a Department of Design of Toys and Decorative Objects in 1989. Since that time the Departments of Design of Machines and Tools and Design of Plastic Products have been merged to form the Department of Design of Industrial Products, and the Department of Conservation and Restoration has been transformed into the Department of Stuccoery. In 1990 the name of the School was changed to Secondary School of Applied Arts.

Graduates of the School can either continue their studies at Academy or University level or choose a career as a craftsman, working at artistic handicraft manufactures or studios whose products are sought throughout and also abroad. Alternatively they can start their own business in the trade. More than 1.500 students have successfully completed their studies at the school since it was founded, and many of them occupy important positions at different cultural institutions and/or are among the most prominent Slovak artists.

A part of the educational process involves work with computers and subsequent application of acquired knowledge in all departments. Students go through all the stages of artistic expression from artistic preparation to designing. Culmination of studies at the school involves realisation of a designed artefact, alongside success in theoretical subjects. The final exam shows to what extent a student has mastered the demands required during his/her study.

In future the school aims at further improvement of its students’ personality development by means of contacts with other schools of its kind in Slovakia and abroad.