Cultural Directory of Slovakia - Radio

Rádio Slovensko is Slovak Radio's first channel which offers 24-hour-broadcasting. Its programmes have an information and news-journalistic character with a balanced ratio of spoken language and music. The target group of listeners is created by a wide range of potential listeners focusing primarily on socio-political information.
Radio Regina is Slovak Radio's second channel with broadcasting divided between the regional studios in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica and Košice. The programming focus is onalternating block and stream broadcasting with an emphasis on regional journalism and news as well as cultural and social events.
Radio Devin is Slovak Radio's third channel which offers 24-hour-broadcasting. It is profiled as an artistic-cultural radio channel, particularly orientated towards the fields of music, theatre and literature with the aim of developing the cultural identity of listeners. The music element noticeably dominates in the broadcasting structure.
Radio_FM is Slovak Radio's fourth channel, which was established as Rock FM Radio in March 1991. In November 2004 its name changed into Radio FM and thus the broadcasting format of the radio was also significantly changed. The main thrust of its programming is music and musical events at home and abroad.
!!! TRANSLATION TO FOLLOW !!! Hlavnou náplňou tejto programovej služby je prispievať k rozvíjaniu národnej a kultúrnej identity národnostných menšín, k ich právnemu vedomiu a spoločenskej zodpovednosti.Organizačne sa delí na dva celky:
The mission of the Slovak Radio Archive is to collect, create, make available and provide documentary and information sources for the creation of radio programmes and to administer the archival collections of written, music, video and audio documents that have been produced by the Slovak Radio over the period of its existence.
Founded by Ondrej Francisci in 1953, the Slovak Radio Children's Choir has been active for more than 50 years. The choir has recorded more than 500 songs and radio cycles and several CDs since its inception. The choir regularly performs, records and presents the works of Slovak and international composers.
The Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra was established in 1929 as the first professional musical ensemble serving the needs of radio broadcasting.
A project of the Experimental Studio of Slovak Radio, radioART is an experimental online music centre which aims to introduce experimental acoustic art to students of all musical tastes and skills. In addition to providing experimental music and acoustic art to listen to, it offers updates on new releases and concerts, links, downloads, and other news.
These annual Awards and Prizes are gestures to give recognition to outstanding creative acts in the Slovak theatre and radio production. They are awarded by the Committee of the Section for Creative Activity in the Area of Radio, Theatre and Entertainment Industry in collaboration with artistic associations operating in this field.
The Radio Production Festival is a competitive festival of radio production which aims to present and confront productions of radio plays and radio documentaries. Originating as the Festival of Original Radio Plays in Piešťany, and later in Bojnice, it celebrated its 20th year in 2007 with a relaunch in Bratislava with a new title and a new concept.
The purpose of the Magic Nut festival is to offer presentations and competitive confrontations between radio drama productions, and meetings of producers with listeners to radio fairy tales and bedtime story programmes – including children and their parents, teachers and librarians.
Prix Ex Aequo International Children's and Youth Radio Drama Festival is an international competition for children's and young people's radio plays which is open to all Active and Associate EBU Member organisations. These organisations may submit to the contest programmes in radio drama form aimed at children and young people.
The aim of the Slovak Radio Music Centre is to prepare music programmes in various genres for the four Slovak Radio channels.
The Slovak Radio Creative Sound Centre is a programme service which supports all the Slovak Radio channels by offering creative solutions for audio graphics as well as for audio production, broadcasting and artistic creation.The Creative Sound Centre is composed of two programme production services for Slovak Radio:
The Slovak Radio Literature and Drama Centre prepares literary programmes for Rádio Slovensko, Rádio Regina and Rádio Devín. The centre consists of the following teams: Literary Editors Team, Series and Entertainment Dramaturgy Team, Dramaturgy Team and Directors and Producers Team.