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Annual, October, 3 days

Slovak Radio - logoThe Radio Production Festival is a competitive festival of radio production which aims to present and confront productions of radio plays and radio documentaries. Originating as the Festival of Original Radio Plays in Piešťany, and later in Bojnice, it celebrated its 20th year in 2007 with a relaunch in Bratislava with a new title and a new concept. Two new competition categories were added to the category of original radio production - the radio fairy story: adaptations, dramatisations, and translations; and the radio artistic documentary. Each category of the competition has its own jury. In recent years the festival has been opened up to projects of other radio stations (licensed radio stations, production companies or recording studios) premiered by public or licensed broadcasters in the time since the preceding festival. Festival awards in particular categories are presented by the General Director of Slovak Radio, together with the Director of the Festival, on the advice of the relevant jury in each category of the competition. The main prize is given for the overall quality of radio work to all participating creators in all four competition categories: for best Slovak radio play, for best radio dramatisation, adaptation, or translation play, for best fairy tale play, and for best radio documentary. The Jury's Special Award is given for outstanding individual performance to a particular creator in all four competition categories. The main prize is the Xaver, a hologram of the academic painter Ladislav Čarný, inspired by the cycle of character heads of Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, a Bratislava born 18th-century sculptor. Inherent to the new concept of the festival is the non-competitive presentation of radio production of public radio broadcasting from V4 countries.