Creative Sound Centre, Slovak Radio

Centrum kreatívy zvuku, Slovenský rozhlas
Kontakt: Juraj Ďuriš Head
Telefónne číslo: 421 (0) 903 576769

Slovak Radio - logoThe Slovak Radio Creative Sound Centre is a programme service which supports all the Slovak Radio channels by offering creative solutions for audio graphics as well as for audio production, broadcasting and artistic creation.

The Creative Sound Centre is composed of two programme production services for Slovak Radio:

Online Programme Service - which deals with: (i) production of programme and commercial jingles (concerts, events, Slovak radio activities); (ii) production of programmes about what is being broadcast by individual Slovak Radio channels; and (iii) advertising and promotion interviews.

Offline Programme Service - the Experimental Studio of Slovak Radio, which provides support for the online service and creates special programmes for Slovak Radio including (i) the implementation of audio production programmes - music, word; (ii) the Ex Tempore programme about new music and new media (on Radio Devín); (iii) radioART - an internet project on experimental art and acoustic art; and (iv) implementation of specialised audio production activities.