Košice Regional Government - Education Directorate

Úrad Košického samosprávneho kraja - Odbor školstva
Contact: Štefan Kandráč Director
Úrad Košického samosprávneho kraja, Námestie maratónu mieru 1, 042 66 Košice, Slovakia
421 (0) 55 726 8260
421 (0) 55 726 8149

The Education Directorate is responsible for the provision of effective learning for children and young people at pre-school, primary and secondary levels, as well as support for young people entering higher and further education and the world of work.

A total of 87 schools (grammar schools, secondary schools and secondary vocational schools) currently fall under the authority of Košice Sef-Governing Region. The comprehensive educational service also includes provision of school meals and accommodation. In addition, Košice Sef-Governing Region manages three separate student hostels, one spare-time centre, six schools in the country and two state language schools.

Also within the scope of activity of Košice Self-Governing Region in the field of education are (i) administration of schools and school facilities, (ii) methodological work in the field of education, and (iii) controlling the management of financial resources.