Košice Regional Government - Culture Directorate

Úrad Košického samosprávneho kraja - Odbor kultúry
Contact: Dr Jana Kovácsová (f) Director
Úrad Košického samosprávneho kraja, Námestie maratónu mieru 1, 042 66 Košice, Slovakia
421 (0) 55 726 8270
421 (0) 55 726 8149

The Culture Directorate is responsible for managing the following on behalf of Košice Self-Governing Region: (i) preservation of the cultural values and cultural heritage of the Slovak Republic through museums; (ii) promotion of the creative and artistic life of the past and present through the work of Spiš Artist’s Gallery and other museums; (iii) preservation and promotion of folk traditions; (iv) development of local culture; (v) development of theatre, with a particular focus on creating the conditions for the development of national minority theatre (Thalia Theatre in Košice, Theatre Romathan in Košice); (vi) development of a network of public libraries with the focus on introducing the new information systems and digitalisation; and (vii) creating the conditions for the deepening of scientific and technical knowledge and research activity in astronomy.

The Culture Directorate is responsible for the following institutions: