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Národný filmový archív, Bratislava
Contact: Peter Csordás Director
Slovenský filmový ústav (SFÚ), Grösslingová 32, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 2 5710 1540
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10am-3.30pm Mon-Thu, closed Fri-Sun

SFÚ - logoThe activities of the National Film Archive include special storage, maintenance, preservation and restoration of films and audiovisual material produced in Slovakia, and in accordance with regulations of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF). It also restores a selection of significant films of foreign origin. The Archive is administered by SFÚ as a significant part of the Slovak cultural heritage and state-protected national property. The materials owned by and collected in the Archive can be lent to film professionals and educational establishments according to the Lending Rules.

Till the end of 2008 there were 357 full-length feature films of Slovak production in the SFÚ Archive. The list of films and more information on each title is available in the film database and a list of titles is provided in the catalogue of films. Among the films, 156 come with subtitles in foreign languages. The Archive collections also include 3,157 short and medium-length films, 66 of them in foreign languages, plus 295 unique historical documentary materials made after 1895. Altogether, the Archive preserves 3,546 Slovak and 4,278 foreign films, 212 issues of the Nástup weekly (from 1938 and later), 2,316 issues of The Week in Film (since 1945), 364 of Czechoslovak Film Weekly (since 1957), 156 of The World in Film (since 1958), 180 of Sonda (since 1976) and 73 episodes of the Školfilm series.

The Archive also provides research services, study screenings and viewing and selection of material on the editing desk. It also provides film material for the production of documentaries, retrospectives and audiovisual programmes.