Slovak National Archives (SNA) - Department of Archival Preservation

Slovensky národny archiv (SNA) - Oddelenie ochrany archívnych dokumentov
Contact: Jozef Hanus Head
Slovensky národny archiv, Drotárska cesta 42, 817 01 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 2 6280 1189, 421 (0) 2 6729 8226
421 (0) 2 6280 1247

The Department of Archival Preservation carries out tasks connected with the complex preservation of archival documents. It is divided into two organisational units. The first one includes laboratories for the conservation and restoration of documents, where, first of all, paper and parchment documents in separate sheets or in a book form, large format documents, such as maps, plans, drawings, seals and contemporary documents are being restored. These activities are closely linked to applied research in the above mentioned field. The department is equipped with a vacuum sterilisation chamber, which is used for the initial and ongoing sterilisation of microbiologically contaminated documents.

The second organisational unit is the photo laboratory, where reproductions of archival documents are produced. Its activities are aimed at the development of provision and study microfilms, as well as photocopies for public and archival research purposes.

The department serves as a methodological centre, training and research institute in the field of preservation of archival documents.