International Council on Archives (ICA), European Regional Branch (EURBICA)

Medzinárodná archívna rada (ICA), Európska regionálna pobočka (EURBICA)
Contact: Jari Lybeck Secretary General
Arvi Kariston katu 2A, 13100 Heenlinna, Finland
358 3 656 4620
358 3 653 3810

EURBICA operates under the Constitution of the European Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives adopted at its inaugural conference in Florence in 2001. For the time being the presidency of EURBICA is located at the Direction des Archives de France. EURBICA was established to further the aims of ICA and to strengthen co-operation within Europe. EURBICA is responsible for carrying out the policy and programmes of ICA in this region, where these are relevant to EURBICA members.

The Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic and the Society of Slovak Archivists are members of EURBICA.