P O Hviezdoslav Award

Cena P. O. Hviezdoslava
Contact: Dr Jozef Leikert President
Frequency: Annual
Asociácia organizácií spisovateľov Slovenska (AOSS), Laurinská 2, 815 08 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 2 5443 4117
421 (0) 2 5443 4117

The P O Hviezdoslav Award is conferred annually on a distinguished figure in Slovak studies abroad, for example a foreign translator of original Slovak literature and its promoter. It constitutes the highest award in this field. The P O Hviezdoslav Award has been around since 1972. From 1972-4 it was awarded by the Ministry of Culture, from 1975 by the Writers Association, and since 1989 by the Association of Slovak Writers Organisations (AOSS) and the Slovak Writers Society.