Lilium Aurum Publishing Company, Dunajská Streda

Vydavateľstvo Lilium Aurum, Dunajská Streda
Contact: Gyula Hodossy Director
Telephone: 421 (0) 903 724781
Kukučínova 459, 929 01 Dunajská Streda, Slovakia
421 (0) 31 552 9028
421 (0) 31 590 2712

Located in the centre of the Dunajska Sterda, the Lilium Aurum Publishing house was established in 1991.

Lilium Aurum means 'golden lily' in Latin, the lily symbolising light and life - mental power, respect for the law and the ability to perform one's Christian duties.

To date the company has published nearly a thousand publications in the field of prose, poetry, children's literature, ethnography, religious literature, history of art, literature, the environment, social sciences, educational literature, teaching of literature and fine art, as well as issuing calendars and becoming involved in various recording media. The company specialises in works in the Hungarian language.

Since September 1995 Lilium Aurum has issued a monthly magazine named Department, which is the only journal for teachers and educators in the Hungarian language, with a nationwide distribution.

The publishing activities of Lilium Aurum are complemented by other activities including the 'Book Club Lilium Aurum', the movement 'One Village - One Book' (which aims to supply libraries with works by Hungarian authors living in Slovakia) and the organisation of literary events.

Lilium Aurum co-operates closely with many social and research institutions, including Vámbery College and the Forum Minority Research Institute. This co-operation is recognised by its publishing of the work of these organisations.

Another area that offers co-operation is education: in the portfolio of the publishing house are textbooks, methodical works and materials used by the Hungarian Faculties of Bratislava, Nitra and Komárno Universities.

Lilium Aurum also co-operates with the Budapest publishing house XANTUSZ.