Matica slovenská Publishing House, Martin

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Vydavateľstvo Matice slovenskej, Martin
Contact: Stanislav Muntág Manager
Matica slovenská, Mudroňova 1, 036 52 Martin, Slovakia
421 (0) 43 422 0692, 421 (0) 43 490 6876
421 (0) 43 430 7243

Matica slovenská Publishing House - logo

The publishing activities of Matica slovenská, the oldest Slovak national cultural institution, date back to the inception of the institution in 1863. Altogether the publishing house issues over 6,000 book titles and hundreds of volumes of journals. Currently Matica slovenská issues, through its publishing house and in co-production with other stakeholders, six magazines about culture, literature and linguistics, and more than 50 book titles focusing on Slovak literature, history, linguistics, literary science and memoirs. It also makes available period documents, art-science publications and children's literature works, and issues many books which present the cultural and natural heritage of Slovakia along with books on fine arts, some with an English text.