Žilina Regional Government - Information and Foreign Relations Directorate

Úrad Žilinskeho samosprávneho kraja - Odbor informácií a zahraničných vzťahov
Contact: Peter Kubica Director
Úrad Žilinskeho samosprávneho kraja, Komenského 48, 011 09 Žilina, Slovensko
421 (0) 41 503 2343
421 (0) 41 503 2433

The Information and Foreign Relations Directorate of Žilina Regional Government is responsible for: (i) participating in the preparation and formation of inter-regional co-operation agreements, ensuring the implementation of signed co-operation agreements and co-ordinating all activities among the stakeholders; (ii) being conceptually involved in the activities related to a comprehensive regional development at the level of the higher territorial unit; (iii) organising and ensuring negotiations among the representatives of the region and the representatives of state bodies, organisations, institutions, self-government bodies and businesses of the Slovak Republic; (iv) taking care, according to protocol, of all matters associated with receiving the official domestic and foreign visitors; (v) providing translation and interpretation service and preparing background and information papers as required by the chairman and other employees of Žilina Regional Government; (vi) administering written correspondence and arranging meetings of the chairman and other Žilina Regional Government employees with foreign countries, processing information about international conferences and ensuring the participation of the Žilina self-governing region in these conferences; (vii) keeping a record of activities relating to Žilina region co-operation with other regions, with territorial and administrative units or with other state authorities engaged in regional affairs; (viii) being responsible for organising official journeys to foreign countries for council members, the chairman and other Žilina Regional Government employees and keeping a record of official journeys to foreign countries; (ix) keeping files and archives of all contracts on inter-regional co-operation signed in the region

In the field of Information and public relations the Information and Foreign Relations Directorate: (i) ensures the co-operation between Žilina Regional Government and representatives of the media, promoting the region in the mass media, and responding to and presenting opinions on important information published in the media regarding the activities of Žilina Regional Government or the region; (ii) manages public relations from a global perspective and, as amended by Act no 211/2000 Coll about the Free Access to Information, makes this information available within the meaning of this law; (iii) provides for the use of all tools of marketing communication available in the Žilina self-governing region; (iv) is responsible for media policy and print outputs with an emphasis on quantitative as well as the qualitative aspects and an emphasis on overall publication activity; (v) ensures communication with the public via the Internet with an emphasis on providing an up-to-date information; (vi) participates in the preparation of promotional materials for Žilina Regional Government and Žilina region, ensuring promotion of Žilina self-governing region, of the chairman of the region, of the Žilina Regional Government and of all its employees or of particular activities; (vii) co-operates with all external marketing agencies as needed by Žilina Regional Government; (viii) provides the agenda related to Žilina self-governing region’s award granting; (ix) together with the Directorate of Organisation ensures due and timely posting up and putting down of documents on the office information board for the inhabitants of the region, keeping a record of the displayed documents and archiving them; and (x) keeps records of and archives the events and significant visits of Žilina Regional Department as well as maintaining the Žilina self-governing region visitors book.