Žilina Regional Government

Úrad Žilinskeho samosprávneho kraja
Contact: Pavol Holeštiak Director
Komenského 48, 011 09 Žilina, Slovakia
421 (0) 41 503 2600
421 (0) 41 503 2602

Situated in north west Slovakia, Žilina Region is a rugged area that borders the Czech Republic and Poland. It covers an area of 6,808.4 square kilometres and has a total population of 694,763 (2005).

Žilina Region includes no fewer than seven mountain ranges: the Tatry and Nízke tatry (Tatras and the Low Tatras), the Veľká and Malá Fatra (Greater and Lesser Fatras), the Chočské vrchy (Choč Mountains), the Javorníky and the Strážovské vrchy (Strážov Mountains). The region is also dominated by national parks, with 51 per cent of its territory under some form of protection, accounting for 30 per cent of Slovakia's total protected area.

The mountain ranges are split by several rivers with fertile floodplains, including the Váh, Kysuca, Turiec and Orava. Nevertheless, only 36.5 per cent of the Žilina region is agricultural land, while 53 per cent is forested.

Žilina Region incorporates 313 municipalities and 11 districts, ranging from the more developed Ružomberok, Martin and Žilina districts, to the more rural Turčianske Teplice, Trvdošín, Námestovo and Čadca districts.

The economy of Žilina Region is dominated by the machine industry and the construction sector; a new Kia Motors plant was recently established in Teplička nad Váhom near Žilina. Telecommunications and wood processing also have strong positions in the region.