Trnava Regional Government - Culture Directorate

Úrad Trnavskeho samosprávneho kraja - Odbor kultúry
Contact: Viliam Kubányi Director of the Department of Culture
Telephone: 421 (0) 908 725 034
Starohájska 10, 917 01 Trnava, Slovakia
Mailing address: 
P.O. Box 128, 917 01 Trnava, Slovakia
421 (0) 33 5559 481
421 (0) 33 5559 115

The Department of Culture of the Self-governing Region of Trnava provides the exercise of original powers of the self-government as well as the exercise of transferred government powers in specific areas where responsibilities have passed to the self-government:

- prepares proposals for establishment, formation and dissolution of professional theaters, museums, galleries, libraries and edifying centers as legal entities,

- ensures professional, personnel and financial operation of cultural institutions, founded by the Self-governing Region of Trnava,

- manages, coordinates and supervises activities in theatrical field, in the field of museums, galleries, libraries and edifying centers,

- prepares records for creating budgets of cultural organizations and supervises the finality of spent means in cultural institutions established by the Self-governing Region of Trnava,

- determines the vocational orientation and specialization of museums and galleries, provides registration of museums and galleries in the Ministry of Culture; takes care of exhibits acquisition, professional registration, protection, their use and presentation; provides authorizations for the permanent export of exhibits and their interchange; provides the opinion of the Ministry of Culture on disposal with exhibits; provides permission for the temporary export of exhibits as well as permissions for their discarding; offers discarded exhibits as well as exhibits of museums and galleries that have been canceled to another museums and/or galleries,

- determines, which selected regional museum and which gallery will be responsible for other regional museums and galleries within the territorial jurisdiction of the region regarding coordination, methodological, professional and consultancy activities as well as the owners of items with museum and gallery significance,

- requires an extraordinary inspection of exhibits,

- determines the professional orientation of the edifying center,

- addresses the institution, which performs professional, consulting, methodological, information and documentary work for educational institutions, other legal persons and natural persons who carry out tutorial activity in the self-governing region,

- determines the selected regional library, which coordinates and provides advisory direction to other regional libraries in the self-governing region, carries out tasks associated with bibliographic registration and coordination of bibliographic activities in the self-governing region, executes tasks associated with documenting the status and development of library information services for public through the library system in the self-governing region,

- takes care of the grant system administration in the Self-governing Region of Trnava.