Trenčin Regional Government - Culture Directorate

Úrad Trenčianskeho samosprávneho kraja - Odbor kultúry
Contact: Marta Šajbidorová (f) Director
Telephone: 421 (0) 907 745 099
K dolnej stanici 7282/20A, 911 01 Trenčín, Slovakia
421 (0) 32 6555 311
421 (0) 32 6555 309

The Culture Directorate is responsible for the following tasks: (i) overseeing various aspects of budgeting and financing of Trenčín Self-Governing Region; (ii) making suggestions relating to the establishment, consolidation or abolition of cultural facilities under the authority of Trenčín Self-Governing Region; (iii) directing the functioning of cultural facilities and creating optimal conditions for their operation; (iv) overseeing the management in cultural facilities; (v) proposing the establishment of selected cultural facilities; (vi) negotiating with representatives of the Civil Service and Municipal Governments about difficulties in the sphere of culture; (vii) processing and evaluating statistical data on culture and analysing and reporting on culture in the Trenčín Self-Governing Region; (viii) providing information on the state of culture to the public via the mass media; (ix) promoting activities in cultural establishments on the official website of Trenčín Self-Governing Region; (x) providing consultancy services; and (xi) fulfilling tasks arising from generally binding regulations, directives and instructions.

There are 12 cultural institutions in the establishing competence of the Trenčín Self-Governing Region, including one gallery, one observatory, three libraries, three museums and four community centres.