Prešov Regional Government - Culture Directorate

Úrad Prešovského samosprávneho kraja - Odbor kultúry
Contact: Eva Arvayová (f) Director
Úrad Prešovského samosprávneho kraja, Námestie mieru 2, 080 01 Prešov, Slovensko
421 (0) 51 746 0449
421 (0) 51 776 0470

The Cultural Directorate employs five professionals who prepare analyses and evaluation of the development of the self-government region in terms of culture, developing a coherent agenda for regional development in the field of culture for 29 cultural organisations which lay in the founding scope of Prešov Regional Government. Among these organisations there are seven regional libraries, seven regional cultural centres, eight museums, two theatres, two galleries, two observatories, a planetarium and an art company. The activities of the Culture Directorate result from the Act of the Slovak National Council No 416/2001 Coll on the transfer of some competencies from the state-administration bodies to the municipalities and higher territorial units, and Act No 302/2001 Coll on self-government of higher territorial units.