Krompachy Municipal Government

Krompachy coat of arms
Mestský úrad Krompachy
Contact: Iveta Rušinová Mayor
Námestie slobody 1, 053 42 Krompachy, Slovakia
421 (0) 53 419 2232
421 (0) 53 419 2214

Krompachy coat of arms

Krompachy is a town with a rich mining and metallurgical history situated in the central Spiš area of eastern Slovakia in the valley of the Hornád river. Lying at 360-450 metres above sea level, the town nestles between the Levoca Hills (Levocské vrchy) and the Branisko Massif to the north and the Volovec Hills (Volovské vrchy) to the south. Its Plejsy ski centre is popular with tourists from Slovakia and neighbouring countries.

Krompachy covers an area of 22.899 square kilometres and has a total population of 8,870 (2005).