Vrútky Municipal Government

Vrútky coat of arms
Mestský úrad Vrútky
Contact: Ján Mlynár Head of City Office
Contact: Helena Pullmannová (f) Delegated authority Department of Culture
Telephone: 421 (0) 43 428 1203, 421 (0) 918 410711
Matušovičovský rad č. 4, 038 61 Vrútky, Slovakia
421 (0) 43 424 1800, 421 (0) 908 902272
421 (0) 43 428 1285

Vrútky coat of arms

The Culture Directorate of Vrútky Municipal Government is responsible for the development of culture in the town. It organises cultural events throughout the whole year and manages cultural institutions such as the Hana Zelinová Municipal Library, Prvý Máj Cinema, Kriváň Cultural Hall, Hana Zelinová Memorial Hall and Ján Bodenek and Karol Gulej Memorial Artefacts. The Directorate also provides mediation and transfer of official as well as cultural information through the town monthly Vrútočan, on town radio and by preparing and sticking posters on places dedicated to this purpose.