Levoča Municipal Government

Levoča coat of arms
Mestský úrad Levoča
Contact: Miroslav Vilkovský Mayor
Námestie Majstra Pavla 4, 054 01 Levoča, Slovakia
421 (0) 53 451 2467
421 (0) 53 451 2246

Levoča coat of arms

Levoča is located in the northern part of the Hornád Basin beneath the Levoča Hills, in the Spiš region of eastern Slovakia. It is situated 25 kilometres from Poprad and 50 kilometres from Prešov, and lies at an altitude of 570 metres above sea level. The town boasts a historic centre with a well-preserved town wall, a Renaissance church with the highest wooden altar in Europe carved by Master Paul of Levoča, and many other Renaissance buildings.

Levoča covers an area of 64.042 square kilometres and has a population of 14,731 (2006).