Spiš Museum SNM, Levoča

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Spišské múzeum SNM, Levoča
Contact: Dr Mária Novotná (f) Administrator
Levočská radnica, Námestie Majstra Pavla 2, 054 01 Levoča, Slovakia
Mailing address: 
Námestie Majstra Pavla 40, 054 01 Levoča, Slovakia
421 (0) 53 451 2786
421 (0) 53 451 2824
9am-5pm daily

Founded in 1884 on the initiative of the Spiš Historical Association, Spiš Museum initially had its headquarters in a Gothic house, the so-called Stallung in Mäsiarska street. In 1955 it acquired Levoča Town Hall for the installation of its historical exhibition. In 1968 the museum became responsible for St James's Church at Levoča (a National Cultural Monument), and in January 1989 it took over the management of Spiš Castle, a registered UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spiš Museum became part of the Slovak National Museum in 2002.

The museum contains more than 11,000 objects from the fields of archaeology, numismatics, ethnography and art-history. Special collections include old books and prints printed in Levoča from the 17th-19th century, a numismatic collection, a set of guild objects, and from the art history field Gothic and Baroque art and paintings of 19th-century Levoča painter Jozef Caucik. The ethnography collection contains very valuable sets of paintings on glass and sculptures from the 19th century.

There is a valuable video record on the history of Levoča town. Posters, postcards, publications and other souvenirs are available in the museum shop.

The museum is responsible for the following: