Police Museum, Bratislava

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Múzeum polície Slovenskej republiky, Bratislava
Contact: Director
Gunduličova 2, 817 72 Bratislava, Slovakia
421 (0) 9610 56096, 421 (0) 9610 56081
421 (0) 9610 59011
10am-2pm Tue-Fri, closed Sat-Mon

Ministry of the Interior - logoThe Police Museum Bratislava is the only museum of its type in Slovakia. It documents the establishment, development and activities of the security and police services in Slovakia.

The permanent exhibition of the museum is divided into three main parts: (i) the history and development of the police force in Slovakia down to 1989; (ii) the establishment of the present Slovak police force; and (iii) a thematically based part dealing with criminality, the highway police, Interpol and international co-operation. One section of the museum is organised as a chamber of punishment, while another presents preventative activities aimed at dealing with the problems of drug addiction, delinquency and indiscipline among children and teenagers.

The museum focuses on the need for police forces in every state, for their professional operation and and for police qualifications to enable officers to fulfil their duties.