Museum of Trenčín

Trenčianske múzeum v Trenčíne
Contact: Katarína Babičová (f) Director
Contact: Monika Schwandtnerová (f) Administrator Trenčín Castle
Telephone: 421 (0) 32 7435 657
Mierové námestie 46, 912 50 Trenčín, Slovakia
Mailing address: 
P. O. Box 120, 912 50 Trenčín, Slovakia
421 (0) 32 743 4431
421 (0) 32 744 0753
headquarters, Trenčín Castle: May - September: 9am-5.30pm Tue-Sun; April, October: 9am-4.30pm; November - April: 9am-3.30pm

The origins of Trenčín Museum are connected with the foundation in 1877 of the Natural History Club of Trenčín zhupa, which was engaged in collecting objects as well as lecturing and publishing activities. In 1912 the museum became a municipal institution, and in 1940 its collections were moved to the present building, the former Zhupa House.

The collection comprises some 130,000 objects. Of particular note are the medieval archaeological finds from Trenčín Castle, including seals (municipal, communal, ecclesiastical, guild, zhupa and aristocratic) and ancient ethnographic collections from Trenčín zhupa. Also of value is the collection of pictures, prints and statues of the Ileshazy family and a late-Gothic altar, Mourning for Christ from Podluzany (1480).

The museum administers the following satellites: