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Slovenké národné múzeum - Múzeum Bojnice
Contact: Ján Papco Director
Slovenské národné múzeum - Múzeum BojniceBojnický zámok, Zámok a okolie 1, 972 01 Bojnice, Slovakia
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SNM - logoBojnice Museum was established in 1950; it is located in the National Cultural Monument - Bojnice Castle and it is a part of the Slovak National Museum now. It is a specialised art-historical museum with a nationwide scope, focusing on the object of the National Cultural Monument - Bojnice Castle itself, as well as on artefacts from the development of Neo-styles in the area of Slovakia, art works of ancient art and handicraft articles. Bojnice castle interiors document how nobility lived in last centuries. The original furniture in the “Central” Castle is particularly valuable, during the last rebuilding Gebrüder Colli company from Innsbruck contributed to its decoration. Turkish wallpapers from the 17th century located in the Oriental salon, as well as the ceiling in the Golden Hall are equally precious. The Castle Chapel has kept the original Baroque ceiling with frescoes and stucco. In the family tomb Pálffi (Pálffy), there is also buried the last owner – Count Ján Palffi (John Palffy). A cave in a travertine mound below the castle represents an attraction for tourists also because the fact that the well from the 4th courtyard inflows there.