Ľubovňa Castle Museum

Ľubovnianske múzeum - hrad
Contact: Monika Pavelčíková (f) Director
Zámocká 22, 064 01 Stará Ľubovňa, Slovakia
421 (0) 52 432 2422, 421 (0) 52 432 2302
421 (0) 52 432 2302
CASTLE May-Sep: 9am-6pm daily; Oct: 10am-4pm Tue-Sun, closed Mon; Nov-Apr: 10am-3pm Tue-Sun, closed Mon; OPEN AIR FOLK ARCHITECTURE EXHIBITION May-Sep: 9am-6pm daily; Oct: 10am-4pm Tue-Sun, closed Mon; Nov-Apr: admittance only if announced in advance, group of at least 30 participants required

Founded in 1956 and initially housed in the Provincial Building on St Nicholas' Square in Stara Ľubovňa, Ľubovňa Museum was relocated in 1966 to Ľubovňa Castle. The museum collects historic, ethnographic and artistic items, concentrating on the area of Stará Ľubovňa. Special exhibitions include:

The Crafts exhibition, which shows the basic crafts pursued in this region, particularly those from nearby villages;

History of the castle – basic events in history of the castle;

Expostition of Zamoyski family – dedicated to last private owners of the castle;

The Period Dwelling exhibition featuring furniture from the late 19th and early 20th centuries;

Exhibition of Armour at Ľubovňa Castle – installed in the main castle tower accesible since 2009;

The Open Air Folk Architecture exhibition, set up in 1984 in the outer bailey of the castle, which documents the development of folk architecture in the environs of Stará Ľubovňa.