Mining Museum, Rožňava

Banícke múzeum, Rožňava
Contact: Jozef Csobádi Director
Main building: Šafárikova 31, 048 01 Rožňava, Slovakia
421 (0) 58 734 3710
421 (0) 58 788 1122
8am-4pm Tue-Fri, closed Sat-Mon

The Mining Museum at Rožňava was opened in 1943 following the merger of two older museum institutions – the museum of the Borsod-Gemer branch of the Hungarian Provincial Mining and Metallurgical Society and Rožňava Museum, both dating from 1912. Closed during World War II, the museum reopened in 1956 with a mining and metallurgy exhibition. It has since developed and now owns abundant collections from the fields of mining and metallurgy, geology and mineralogy, natural history, archaeology, history, art history and history of technology.

The museum has its headquarters in a striking monument to the manufacturing period at Rožňava - dating from 1782, it originated from a reconstruction of two one-storey tanner's houses, serving as a leather factory until 1925 before being reconstructed and adapted for the needs of the museum in 1973-1977.

The museum's main building at Šafárikova 31 houses the Exhibition of Regional History, while the building at Šafárikova 43 houses the Exhibitions of Mining and Metallurgy of Gemer, Mining Workplaces and Nature of the Slovak Karst and Adjoining Areas.

The museum’s art gallery is located at Námestie baníkov 25. Temporary exhibitions by artists - predominantly natives of Roznava or the Gemer Region - are arranged here.

The museum also manages the Andrassy Gallery in Krásnohorské Podhradie.