Museum of Czech Culture in Slovakia SNM, Martin

Múzeum kultúry čechov na Slovensku SNM, Martin
Contact: Dr Hana Zelinová (f) Manager
Moyzesova 11, 036 01 Martin, Slovakia
421 (0) 43 423 0136
421 (0) 43 423 0136
9am-4pm Tue-Fri, closed Sat-Mon

The Museum of Czech Culture in Slovakia documents the life and work of the original owners of the house in which it is situated, two important personalities who devoted their life and work to realising idea of the Czechoslovakia, the commonwealth of Czechs and Slovaks. One of these personalities was Dr Anna Horáková-Gašparíková, one of the first Slovak women historians and archivist of Thomas Garrique Masaryk, first president of Czechoslovakia; the other was her husband, academician Professor Jiøí Horák, one of the most distinguished 20th-century Czechoslovak folklorists.

The Museum recounts the life and work of both Anna Horáková-Gašparíková and Professor Jiøí Horák and the creation of Czechoslovakia through displays of original artefacts, documents and photographs.