Museum of Ukrainian Culture SNM, Svidník

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Múzeum ukrajinskej kultúry SNM
Contact: Dr Miroslav Sopoliga Administrator
Centrálna ulica 258, 089 01 Svidník, Slovakia
421 (0) 54 788 2101
421 (0) 54 788 2102
8.30am-4pm Tue-Fri, 10am-4pm Sat-Sun, closed Mon

SNM - logoThe Museum of Ukrainian Culture in Svidník is a specialised museum with a nationwide scope, the mission of which is to document the basic stages of cultural-historical, political and social development of the Ukrainian-Ruthenians of Slovakia from the oldest times until the present. It is the oldest national museum in Slovakia, in which systematic collection, scientific-research, publication, methodological-professional and cultural-educational activities have been progressively developed. Rich collections are presented by means of exhibitions and various events prepared mainly in ethnographic exhibitions at its open-air museum.

The museum’s collection comprises more than 62,000 objects related to the museum’s focus. Of particular interest are its archaeological findings, medieval written documents on the origin of individual villages, documents on the national uprising of Western Ukrainian inhabitants, and artefacts relating to the folk culture and architecture of north east Slovakia. The oldest and most valuable objects of the collection include a set of icons from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

The museum’s scientific research activity is based on the museum’s focus and collections and aims at optimising scientific use of the information from these collections, with specific outputs.

The museum rents out its premises for the organisation of conferences, seminars and training programmes, as well as corporate and family celebrations.